Handout Banners

Have you seen the banners that appear on some web pages on the internet. They usually advertise other websites, services or goods. Handout banners are similar, but instead of advertising, they offer inspirational messages, or reminders, to students. You can insert these banners onto your own handouts. The best way to do this is by right clicking on them and saving them to your computer. If you are using Microsoft Word, you can then insert these images so that they appear at the top (or anywhere you want) of your Word documents.

If you already have the handouts printed, you could print this page, cutout the banners and then photocopy them onto your handouts. Sneaky.

Displayed below are some such handout banners. I've displayed them on this web page in image format, but I've also made it easy for you by creating some blank Word documents with the images already inserted. Now all you need to do is download the documents and amend them with your handout material.

Handout Banners

Right click on these images to save them to your computer:

Say No To Drugs Just say "NO" to drugs
Learning stuff Learning stuff
Remove Distractions Remove distractions to enhance your study
Organize Your Books Have a system to organize your books and past work to make finding it easy
Plan For Tests Maximise the time between now and your test by creating a good study plan

Microsoft Word Documents With Banners Inserted