Zen And The Art Of Teaching

We teach who we are. That is, when teaching, we invest of ourselves. Your philosophy of life is intimately tied to your identity, and it is your philosophical identity that ultimately dictates your teaching style. Therapists will call this "congruence", or just being who you are. The lessons you teach contain your own personal signature.

Exploring your relationship with teaching may help you explain why it is that you find joy and passion in teaching/find drudgery and merely wait for your next paycheck.

The Philosophy Of Teaching

Pondering the following questions will help you explore the more personal aspects of your teaching experience:

  • Do you enjoy teaching?
  • Do your students enjoy your lessons?
  • How much of your personality is visible each lesson?
  • Can you see any parallels between what goes on in the classroom and the outside world?
  • Do you connect with your students?
  • Do you regularly reflect on your experiences in the classroom?
  • Why is teaching important to you?

The above are open ended questions designed to inspire a discussion or exploration. There is no "right" answer to any of them.

So how much of "you" is there in your lessons?