Wallpapers For Teachers

Windows Wallpapers For Teachers

Wallpapers, or Windows background images, provide attractive backgrounds to Windows desktops. If you do a search engine search for wallpaper, you'll find wallpaper sites easily. If you go to one of those wallpaper sites, you'll find more lists of wallpaper sites. It's difficult to find actual wallpaper images. You can find them, but you'll probably go around in circles for a while before you do. And if you're looking for wallpaper specifically designed for teachers or education, the task is even more difficult. These wallpaper images are available in 3 screen resolutions. To set this wallpaper, click on the size image you need for your screen and you'll open the full size image. If your browser supports it, right click on the full-size image and click on "set as wallpaper." That's all there is to it. These images are saved as compressed JPEG images to save space. If you download them, you'll need to convert them to bitmap (.bmp) images, put them in your C:\windows directory, and use the display properties background tab to select them. To get to display properties, right click on any blank area of your Windows desktop.It is my belief that all images used are in the public domain. Indeed, most of them are my own work. Please notify me if you believe that a particular image is not in the public domain and the image will be removed.

These wallpapers are yours to use without giving credit as long as they are not sold or included with items sold for profit. I would appreciate credit or a link if you make them available to others. A brief e-mail (radiolake@yahoo.com) if you use one would also be appreciated, but is certainly not required.